What We All Learned At That Mastermind...

Lake Las Vegas

Are you there with us, right now?

The three of us sat for a quiet minute thinking about the question. The disco music was still thumping away and we could hear the whoops and hollers of people dancing and enjoying themselves.

"A" said slowly "I've realised that I have to sit and really carefully examine all the new opportunities that come my way, uncomfortable though that is sometimes, especially with the weight of other people's expectations, hopes and dreams riding on what I do.  Because when you are successful and you have all the money you'll ever need, then it all becomes about the lifestyle, the way you live your life, day by day, to be happy.  And from talking to people here, who have read my books and realising how they have changed lives, I'm convinced that my books still have a lot of value so perhaps I need to start selling them again and get the message out to the world."  

"Yes, I've read them twice now..." I said "...and they really helped me when I was down!  They were the only books I took to Greece AND brought back again.  You must do that, it's criminal if people who need them, can't access them.  Apart from learning about Bitcoin (thanks for helping me triple my money from Australia in under 2 months by the way!) and the importance of saving my profits in 'real money' like gold and silver, I've realised that I would love to be involved in this world more, it's not like being in pure business or marketing, everyone gets so much fulfilment out of what they do, how they are helping people.  I think that my first book 'The Money Gym' still has immense value too and there was nobody else here who is teaching people to become financially intelligent in the way that I can, so there's still a space for me.  Everything I have been through in the last 10 years - and learned - can only have added to the value I can bring...  I have just finished editing the audio version so I need to get it out there and then start on 'The Missing Chapter'.  What about you, "M"?  What have you learned?"

"I've been totally inspired, even more so than the first time I came.  I have made more friends who I know really care about me and my success.  I have learned that I really can do ANYTHING I want to do, but that I must decide what that is, and really focus, in order to give my projects the best chance of success!"

I felt a rush of excitement go through me and we all sat up straighter, eager to get off the boat, get to our laptops and get into action!


Or Is It?

Now obviously, time has moved on and while the Financial Intelligence 101 and Money Gym book is still highly relevant, the Covid-19 pandemic has swept the globe causing absolute havoc to our financial systems and many people's finances.

This has brought forward the dire financial situation that 'Rich Dad' author Robert Kiyosaki, 'Gold & Silver' author Mike Maloney and even entrepreneurs guru Gary Vaynerchuk have been saying will happen for a few years now.

There are some very tough financial times coming. A recession is certain, a depression is very much on the cards.  The pandemic was the catalyst but if it was not that, it would have been something else.  The global reserve currency, the PetroDollar, has been heading towards collapse since 1971 and the last couple of years have just hastened its demise. What does this mean for YOU?

The 'money game' was rigged before, with nobody being taught about how money works in schools (why would they?) and with every person who aspired to a better life having to go seeking the answers themselves.  It's much worse now, with all the money being printed devaluing people's savings and assets currently held in pounds or dollars.

And so I decided to finally write the 'Missing Chapter' to update the existing 'Money Gym' book and audio and give you some quick information about what you can do to protect yourself and your family from what may be coming down the pike.

You'll need a community around you over the next few years and you can join mine. As well as getting the info on how to download  'The Missing Chapter' and join our private Telegram community.  I really hope you get great value from it all. 

When you click the button below, you'll be able to download 'The Missing Chapter' - and more free gifts - AND join our community for whatever you can afford.  * I've set the minimum at £2.95 (about $3.40) as a ONE OFF payment, just to cover my processing costs, but if you can afford more, consider paying whatever you think a book with this kind of valuable information is worth.